Anthracite coal is the highest degree of coalification (coming up to 96, but most often takes the value 93-94) from all types mined, this fact results in that it has the highest calorific value of all types currently available on the world market. Unfortunately, the number of economically profitable reservoirs are limited therefore, the price of anthracite is high and number of applications is limited.

Anthracite is used:

  • as a fuel of special purpose;
  • as a good conductor of electricity, is often used in electrotechnics for the production of diodes, capacitors, electrodes;
  • in the chemical industry for the absorption of impurities.

Depending on the place of origin may contain trace amounts of quartz, pyrite and hydrocarbons. Anthracite, after the liquidation in 1998, coal mine KWK Wałbrzych and Victoria, was deleted from the register of Polish geological resources.

Anthracite offered by us is supplied by Russian and Ukrainian producers is stored by us at the terminals located at the eastern border of the country. Our anthracite is characterized by high quality parameters.