MINSK KRISTAL is a company with a production included in the holding MINSK GROUP KRISTAL and largest producer of ethanol in the Republic of Belarus. The origins of the distillery dates back to 1893 year when the founders Rakovshchiks brothers decided to establish alcohol distillery in Minsk.

Alcohol distillate of Minsk Kristal is a product that has been introduced by us on the Polish market in 2016 and from the beginning has gained recognition and a good reputation for excellent physico-chemical parameters, crucial for the production of alcoholic beverages and industrial fluids. Thanks to the above mentioned we became a large supplier to the production companies located in Poland and Baltic countries, mainly Lithuania and Latvia.

Ethyl alcohol content in our distillate is up to 79%. A small amount of fuse oil, methanol and aldehyde results in the possibility of using it in the production of luxury spirits as well as in the most demanding technological processes.

In 2016, we became an exclusive representative on the Polish market. Distillate offered by us successfully passes quality tests at laboratory facilities of our customers. The growing quantity of imported distillate confirms it’s eligibility to various applications.