Moldova Steel Works

began producing their products in 1985 after the reconstruction and redesign of its production line, therefore it’s one of the most modern productions facilities of steel products on the former Soviet Union territory.

The production part of the company consists of a rolling mill and melting shop. Products are manufactured by using electrothermal arc furnace. The main raw material used in the production of steel scrap which is also supplied by us to the steelworks. Thanks to the high quality of its own products, company exports its production to many customers in European Union and in Commonwealth of Independent States countries region.

We offer products in the form of rebar and steel coils for concrete reinforcement of various sizes to increase strength and stiffness of the individual components. Our products are made of stainless hot rolled, bolstered thermally with controlled cooling and tempering of steel.
Details of the offer as well as the parameters of products can be found on our website. Products of the plant have all the necessary approvals and certificates, which allow us to offer them on the polish market and proving their high quality.

Due to the growing demand for the production of the plant and progressive development of the distribution network, company’s management decided to entrust us exclusive commercial representation in Poland.